Cliff-side Hanging Bridge

Cliff-side Hanging Bridge Battle Map Banner

This week I’ve created a new battle map featuring a bridge as it’s main element. This one however, is one of those frail-looking I’m-about-to-fall-by-the-side hanging bridges. Just perfect for throwing those annoying Player Characters by the cliff-side.

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Forest Islet

Forest Islet Battle Map Banner

I’m back with a new battle map, one featuring a small islet. A lush forest surrounds the aforementioned landmass, making it an ideal place for your players to hide or for you plan an ambush.

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Lava Pit

Lava Pit Battle Map Banner

Last month I had the idea of drawing some different elemental arenas where your players can fight boss monsters, last-stand encounters or something similar. The fist one was a forest one, and now I bring you the fire one.

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