A Tabletop for Mobile!


Today I want to tell you guys about a mobile app to which I have lent some of my battle map artwork. You can find it on the Google Play Store and it’s called Tabletop RPG Grid Maps.

The app is a local Virtual Tabletop, meaning that it’s designed as a digital aid to games that are played around the table, instead of a replacement for them. It is very easy to use and it is also rather fast (it runs nicely on my years-old phone!).

As mentioned above you can find some of my maps already pre-installed; But in addition to that you can also find hero and monster tokens so you can have an encounter at a moment’s notice very easily.

While the app doesn’t have an online functionality, it can come quite handy when you’re at the table with your group and the need to quickly set up a random encounter presents itself, something I feel every DM runs into constantly. But with it, you and your players can have a clear representation of where everyone is with virtually no prep time and just using a mobile device.

There’s a few features that I’d like to see implemented in the future (mainly the ability to set up a custom grid and to upload higher resolution maps) but even without those I still find the app to be useful and a very nice option to have in your RPG tools arsenal.

Go check it out and if you like it enough you can always support the developer to make the app even better. He’s recently started a Patreon to further the development of the app too, so be sure to go check that out as well if you like!

I leave you with a video and a few screenshots of the app in action below.

And remember to stay tuned for more maps coming real soon!

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