Volcanic Path

Volcanic Path D&D Battle Map Banner

The adventurers have gone far into the volcanic lands of the Old Kingdom. A long time ago a prosperous civilization built a magnificent empire that lasted for centuries. But time is not kind, and eventually nature itself claimed its territory back.

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Eldritch Dungeon

Eldritch Dungeon D&D Battle Map Banner

There’s an abandoned passageway hidden in the mountains. Forgotten by the eons, not many have ventured this far.

The path leads to millennia-old tunnels that twist and turn. And at the end of these tunnels a corrupt sanctuary is found.

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Warehouse D&D Battle Map Banner

A shipment of smuggled goods is about to arrive to the city and the party of adventurers has been tasked to retrieve them. Among other things, city watch intel says that a cursed artifact is there.

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Desert Path

Desert Path D&D Battle Map Banner

There’s a mine located in the middle of the desert sun where a forbidden ore is mined to create powerful, albeit cursed, weapons. Looking to destroy such creations (or trying to procure some for themselves) the party of heroes sets course to the underground.

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