Forest Waterfalls

Forest Waterfalls Banner

This time I bring you a map that has a variety of interesting terrain. At the bottom of the map you can find a forest area that can bridge any number of my maps with this one. And as the main event there’s a large cliff with three waterfalls.

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Shack In The Forest

Shack In The Forest Banner

This week I have for you another forest map for you to use. This map is partly based on an adventure I ran for my group about a year ago, which in turn is heavily based on a Lovecraft story. And Skyrim, because why not.

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Lava Passage

Lava Passage Banner

This week I have a very exciting map for you guys! I initially set out to make a simple lava pass, but after a couple of iterations I came up with a very interesting design.

The objective of this one is to cross from one side to the next, but the catch is that there isn’t an easy way to do it. At least not without the help of some wizardry.

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