Lava Pit

Lava Pit Battle Map Banner

Last month I had the idea of drawing some different elemental arenas where your players can fight boss monsters, last-stand encounters or something similar. The fist one was a forest one, and now I bring you the fire one.

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On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice Snow Battle Map Banner

Just as promised, I have a new winter map for all of you. When I first started to sketch out the map I was just going to have the frozen part with some vegetation around it; And while I think that could still make for an interesting future battle map, for this one I went with something a little different.

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Forest Arena

Forest Arena Battle Map Banner

I have for you a new, lush and green forest map. There’s going to be a couple more winter maps this month as well, though. So don’t fret, I haven’t lost the winter spirit just yet!

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