Acidic Passage

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The party of adventurers have tracked the evil wizard to a remote cave located deep in the mountains. To their horror, it seems our macabre friend has been experimenting with an acidic green sludge that now surrounds his hideout. Maybe as a defense mechanism or just the byproduct of the experiment going terribly wrong, the sludge has all but engulfed all of the environment.

Either way, the group now has to travel through the viscous and lethal liquid in order to reach their enemy. But that’s not the only problem.

On the path to the wizard’s lair they’ll find a group of vicious mages (now under the wizard’s command) who have been doing their own forbidden alchemy far away from prying eyes. Between the particular terrain and the sickening mages who want more subjects for their experiments, will the group of heroes be able to reach their main target?

Acidic Passage Battle Map
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