Forest Wilderness Vol. 4

Forest Wilderness Vol. 4 Battle Map Banner

On their way to their very, very important quest, the group of adventurers decide to go the way of the road less traveled. Now lost in the woods because no one has the minimum sense of direction, the party is threatened by all sorts of wild beasts.

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Swamp Hags’ Huts

Swamp Hags' Huts Battle Map Banner

In a remote village, far away from the Light, young ‘uns have been vanishing well into the night.

The people of the village lived in fear, afraid of a wild beast that liked to eat their tender offspring. Enter a party of valiant adventurers, who for the right price, agreed to track down the beast and put it to rest.

Never could they have imagined that in reality, the kidnappings were for something more wicked and done by something more monstrous.

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Stoneflame Library

Stoneflame Library Battle Map Banner

Young wizards from far and wide like to come to the Stoneflame Library not only for its vast selection of books on subjects of all kinds. They also like the relaxed atmosphere the library provides, with many magic users consorting with each other on how to create new magic spells.

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Snowy Watchtower

Snowy Watchtower Battle Map Banner

Along the path in the snowy landscape there’s an old watchtower that saw plenty of use in wars of yore. Now abandoned by the royal army, the tower is mostly inhabited by bandits and other wrong-doers who happen to be strong enough take a hold of it.

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Ouroweave Mine

Ouroweave Mine Battle Map Banner

After successfully evading the guards outside the mine, the party of adventurers has finally reached the inside.

A large underground complex now lays before them and they quickly go to investigate the foreman’s office, hoping to end the mining operation once and for all.

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Snowy Harbor

Snowy Harbor Battle Map Banner

The king’s advance force has been tasked with building a harbor so adventurers from all over the world can come to the snowy continent and put an end to the threat that has been laying dormant in the North for far too long.

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Forest Bandit Camp

Forest Bandit Camp Battle Map Banner

As this is kind of a companion piece to the latest battle map, I decided to release this month’s free Patreon map a little bit early.

This is a fairly simple bandit camp, but it does have a few quirks that’ll make the encounter more interesting.

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