Resurrection Chamber

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The stench of decay fills the room. Eight wooden tables arranged in a circle hold an inert body each, bloody blankets covering the horrific sight of death and putridness.

In the middle of the room, a strange object spins and swivels in its axis, filled with what seems to be pure, concentrated arcane magic.

Adorning the walls of this room are huge tomes of forbidden lore, neatly arranged in even bigger bookcases. Candles do a poor job of illuminating this chamber, for the strange artifact in the middle glows with commanding power.

Suddenly the object starts spinning faster and faster, until the distinctive feeling of static invades the room, and lightning soon follows suit.

The lightning strikes the bodies resting on the tables at random. And one by one, they begin to get up to their feet. The abominations seem to want nothing but to rip any living creature apart. Will the party be able to survive this undead ambush?

Resurrection Chamber D&D Battle Map
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