Snowy Village

Snowy Village Battle Map Banner

The snow and the cold have been hard on the party of adventurers. They have been hoping to rest somewhere warm for days on end with no luck. Some of them are getting really desperate, for grave wounds and broken spirits plague the once-confident heroes.

The gods finally smile towards the brave warriors and much traveling later, the group finally reaches the one thing they’ve been trying to find: civilization.

Tired but with reinvigorated resolve they go on about all the mead they’ll drink and all the songs they’ll sing on the first tavern they see. But they’re not prepared for the dark secret this place holds. And if they’re not careful they just might end up being another one of the many disappearances of this cursed place. It seems the gods weren’t smiling after all.

So, this time I have made a village map that’s a bit more zoomed out than usual. I made it with a 1 square = 10ft scale in mind, but as always it’s up to you to choose!

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