Forest Path Vol. 2

Forest Path 2 Battle Map Banner

As the last map this year I’ve brought back a classic concept yet again, the humble forest path.

I decided to add an interesting terrain feature on the bottom right corner of the map as well to have some variety on the environment. As you might’ve already guessed, these “stepped cliffs” provide for a more vertically-focused encounter. Hide some monsters here and have them jump out to surprise the party while they’re traveling the road!

Another idea is to have your players climb down and then ambush them when they’re harvesting the mushrooms growing here. Or maybe they’re just getting out of the underground dungeon and you can then spring a bandit or monster ambush as soon as they’re about to climb out, leaving the party in an unfavorable battle position.

Oh, and don’t forget you can also use this part to describe a change to a more rocky environment too if you like.

The forest itself has many trees to hide and take cover along with another pair of cliffs your players or NPCs can climb and get the advantage in battle.

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Good gaming!

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