Cherry Blossom Creek

Cherry Blossom Creek Forest Battle Map Banner

Even though Winter still isn’t over, and I think this map would be more appropriate for Springtime I’ve decided to start the year with a very colorful and lush environment.

I was watching the trailer for Ghost of Tsushima the other day and it gave me the idea for a map that you can use when your players are battling in foreign lands. I know in the trailer the forest doesn’t have cherry trees, but I think they make for some nice color variation from my other forest maps. That, and it makes the place have a little bit more character.

And while I like the idea of the players exploring far away lands, I have to be honest and say that the situation that really popped into my mind while drawing this particular piece was something quite different.

I thought that maybe this could be a good starter map for an Eastern-inspired campaign. I made it very colorful so it could reflect the peaceful, perhaps joyous training the party members could have at the start of their adventure with their master. Before everything slowly turns for the worse.

In either case, now you have a map that fits with a JRPG party.

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Good gaming!

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