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Last month I had the idea of drawing some different elemental arenas where your players can fight boss monsters, last-stand encounters or something similar. The fist one was a forest one, and now I bring you the fire one.

The map features a big platform that’s held by giant chains. And while you or your players can use the different elevations of the platform to gain an advantage, be sure to also take into account the actual chains in your battle plans.

You can use them to place monsters that have an easy time navigating terrain like that. One scenario that comes to mind is to have loads of fire spiders coming at the party through the chains while they wait for the strange magic on the center of the platform to activate.

Alternatively they can be used as a way to keep traversing the dungeon. So after beating the boss monster you have prepared for this encounter you can subtly throw at them the idea of climbing the chains onto the next part of the adventure.

But first, to reach the platform itself they need to cross over by using the magic bridge. I opted to add a magical one so you can easily deactivate it’s magic and create an exciting moment of suspense. Trap them with the boss monster so they can’t easily escape or make one of the party members almost fall to their deaths when they least expect.

Oh, and one last thing. Don’t forget to use the terrain at the bottom of the map too! You can place additional ranged enemies to make for a tougher encounter if you so desire.

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