Summoning Room

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For a few months I’ve been drawing a free map for all my patrons, here’s the one I did for the month of October.

This one I decided to make smaller but a little bit more detailed.

This map is a summoning room that I thought you guys could use as the end of a Necromancy-themed dungeon. I’ve drawn a summoning circle and book cases filled with eldritch tomes. Of note is the big grimoire resting atop the easternmost table which is the primary source of knowledge for the Necromancer that inhabits the place.

There’s also a trap door which could lead to an additional room where the players find the abducted people the dark wizard uses as fodder to the forbidden lords of the Depths that grants them their power. Or as an alternative, it could be used to get the players out of the dungeon faster, Skyrim-style. But don’t forget to lock it with something powerful!

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In addition to this free version if you pledge to my Patreon you can get more awesome content such as:

  • Access to all previously released maps
  • High resolution maps
  • Roll20 sized maps
  • Grid versions
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  • Alternate color palettes

Good gaming!

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