Forest River

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I’m back with a new river-featuring map. This one has a wider river than what I’ve usually drawn on my previous maps.

The reason behind it being that I thought that the water (at the DM’s discretion) is shallow and your players can actually walk through it.

Even if shallow, crossing the water is no easy feat on the heat of battle and you could treat it as difficult terrain to make the encounter more interesting.

As always, with bodies of water comes the possibility of lightning damage inflicted by clever wizards and sorcerers that take advantage of their surroundings.

Some of the rocks in the middle provide with an alternate route to cross the river without getting one’s feet wet, so be sure to take it into account for your battle plans!

If the whole shallow water thing is not your cup of tea you can treat it as a deeper river too since in the artwork I left the depth ambiguous to facilitate both scenarios.

Lastly, I think you can easily use this map in combination with my Forest Waterfalls map since they fit rather well thematically.

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Good gaming!

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