Spider-Infested Forest

Spider-Infested Forest D&D Battle Map Banner

Strange disappearances have been happening all over town. The poor folks go to the woods in search of supplies: medicinal herbs, food ingredients and other such things. But they never return.

At first, they thought it was an isolated incident, but as time went on it became clear that something was amiss.

Enter our party of adventurers, ready to take on almost any job and help almost everyone.

They enter the woods, searching for a trace of the missing townsfolk. Suddenly their vision fades to black.

The hardiest among them awake first, unable to move. A bunch of giant spiders have taken them for their next meal! Now in the middle of being turned into web-mummies, will they have what it takes to get out of this mess?

Spider-Infested Forest D&D Battle Map
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