Pirate Port

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There’s tales of a legendary port located at high seas, a place of respite and trade for the sailor who is in a desperate need.

No one know its precise location, for it seems to have a will of its own. If your crew is at the brink of death, if you’re carrying a ship full of cursed gold, if the latest storm has left you shipwrecked, then you just might stumble upon its rotten, wooden beams.

Enterprising sailors will find someone willing to trade anything. You say cursed gold? Plenty of cursed weapons to buy. Crew getting mad for lack of sustenance? Here’s some delicious rum of the finest dubious origin. Need to rest in an actual bed? Rent some rooms at the Black Flag Inn. Not one of these fine individuals is going to rob you blind while sleeping. Honest.

So what are you waiting for? Go get into some tragedy at sea and you just might end up in this absolute beauty of a port.

Pirate Port D&D Battle Map
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