Logged Forest

Logged Forest Battle Map Banner

On this new forest battle map I went ahead and drew an area of the woods that has been moderately logged.

The main idea I had is that your party could go on an adventure where they have to meet the local lumberjack because they posses vital information: maybe they know firsthand about the recent werewolf attack. Or they have managed to identify the hideout of the bandits ransacking the poor townsfolk.

 After gathering the information, the group is ambushed outside by your favorite flavor of enemies.

Don’t dig the lumberjack idea? Describe the building as the cabin of an hermit, as a haunted abandoned building or the home of a retired captain of the guard!

With plenty of trees, logs, and the building itself to use as cover, everyone involved in the battle better think of their positioning to better utilize the terrain to their advantage.

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Good gaming!

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