Cliff-side Hanging Bridge

Cliff-side Hanging Bridge Battle Map Banner

This week I’ve created a new battle map featuring a bridge as it’s main element. This one however, is one of those frail-looking I’m-about-to-fall-by-the-side hanging bridges. Just perfect for throwing those annoying Player Characters by the cliff-side.

The map is divided into three main areas (four if you’re taking the water into account). The forest area has a few trees and large rocks to use as cover or hide about. The creatures that choose to stay here are mostly safe from environmental harm, but they could still be pushed around by some spells or abilities if not careful.

The most fun area is going to be the hanging bridge though. As we all know if something can go wrong in a session, it’ll probably go wrong. So do make sure to try to make it fall, burn it or anything else that makes your players panic. Fun times for everyone involved!

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Good gaming!

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