Forest Path Bifurcation

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Let me continue April with a fairly basic, but pretty useful concept. This week is all about choosing which side of the road to take on a “Y” type bifurcation. In the forest.

A pretty common situation on any adventure, especially the more open world types, is letting the players decide where they want to go while traveling the wilderness. And while a simple question from the DM towards the party would suffice to take them towards the next location, I find that sometimes you just need that little extra oomph.

Picture this: the party comes to a split on the road, chasing some shady individuals. Unsure on the which direction to take, the ranger rolls to find the tracks that’ll lead them to their targets. While they’re closely following the leads they get jumped by some bandits that were hiding in the woods. Battle ensues, and just like that there’s more spice to what would have been just a simple decision. And that’s a rather straightforward example, I’m sure you can come up with some other crazy good ideas!

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Good gaming!

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