Forest Outskirts

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I have a new forest map for you to use in your adventures! I thought you guys could use this environment as the outskirts of a dense forest.

An area just before your players get lost in the woods just because the ranger fumbled all their survival checks while tracking the bandit leader just after defeating their cronies right here.

Mechanically speaking, the idea with is to divide the map area in two halves. The top half is full of trees, providing ample cover opportunities. You could hide some enemies here for an ambush or let your players use all the cover available for themselves if they’re skilled enough to attack from here. Moving around and attacking while on this half wouldn’t be as easy though, so keep that in mind.

The bottom half is way more open and lends itself as an ideal battlefield for characters that can’t traverse the dense forest with ease. The downside would be that you have limited options for cover and could be quite easily picked off by some archer hiding in the trees on the top half of the map. I’ve placed a fallen tree here to balance it out a little bit in that regard.

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Good gaming!

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