Forest Chasm

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The group of adventurers is in dire need of continuing their travels as fast as possible. Time is of the essence and taking any sort of long detour is out of the question.

A deep chasm that goes for miles and is almost as deep is now their biggest threat. Sure, some kind of heroes will no doubt cross it by doing an impressive back-flip, but for the other kind things aren’t so simple.

Fear of falling to an unfathomable darkness below grips them with an unshakeable terror, and even something like a simple jump could be their end. What if they trip with a rock they didn’t see? What if they don’t make it all the way and end up clinging to the other end without the strength to climb up?

Or what if while they’re jumping over, an unknown assailant strikes them with an arrow, making them fall?

Well, that’s just the adventuring life.

Forest Chasm D&D Battle Map
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