Dryad’s Grove

Dryad's Grove Battle Map Promo

Deep inside the forest of Eldweyn there’s a beautiful place, lush with trees and the singing of birds, where the water is clear as a crystal and a strangely alluring tree–old as the forest itself–entangles its roots on the greenest grass you’ve ever seen. ‘Tis a place where beautiful voices can be frequently heard and peace of mind reigns supreme. But beware, travelers, for if you’re not careful you just might forever be enthralled to the will of the forest guardians who protect the sacred tree.

This time I bring you a Dryad’s Grove, a place where you can send your party to (badly) roll their dice and be slaves of the trees forevermore. I thought about having some ruins in this one too in the form of old archways which could double as some kind of portals if you so desire; Maybe this place isn’t in the forest but in another plane of existence. In the middle of the map there’s a small place where the Dryad’s gather and chill out with one another. They can use the trees around as cover should the need arise as well.

Dryad’s Grove Battle Map, Click to Download Free Version

I included a big tree with pink leaves so you can decide if it has some kind of magical properties or if it’s just a pretty reminder that the forest guardians dwell here.

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Good gaming!

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