Swamp Village

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An unfortunate series of events has left our brave heroes stuck in the dark swamp. This is an uncanny place, infamous for the horrific tales that are told about it in the city.

There’s talk about all kinds of wicked, gruesome acts being performed in small villages located in these dark woods. Some say there are strange cults that worship even stranger gods in the wilderness. And some even declare that the beings that live in the dark waters are not from this world, but from the deep beyond.

All hearsay of course.

The party of adventurers comes across a settlement in what seems to be the middle of nowhere, they need supplies. Reluctant they go inside, the villagers don’t seem at all friendly. They give them a cold stare whenever they pass by. Clearly they don’t want them there and the tension between them just keeps on building.

The party tries to get what they need as quickly as possible, but their attempts at buying anything are met with excuses and slammed doors on their faces.

Yet after some time there are some townsfolk who would like them to stay awhile, give them some stuff for their travels with a big grin on their faces. Shady looking individuals who make the skin crawl.

The heroes decide to leave, nothing good can come out of this place. But leaving won’t be as easy as coming in. They’re now surrounded.

Will they be able to escape unscathed?

Swamp Village D&D Battle Map
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