Ice Tomb

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A long time ago lived a wise, powerful wizard who made his home in a snowy mountain. Even though the wizard didn’t live in the city, they made a name for themselves and the folks would look up to the kind wizard for their wisdom.

Soon enough people would make the journey from the city to the wizard’s lair to ask for all kinds of advice. The people would often respect the wizard more than their own king!

This of course didn’t sit well with the ruler who would like nothing more than the admiration and respect of all of his subjects.

But in the pursuit of knowledge the wizard eventually lost their mind. The search for power was too great and the wizard was deemed a very dangerous threat. Thus the king ordered to seal them and their lair with powerful magic from the royal mages.

Centuries later, the adventuring party has need of this ancient wizard’s knowledge. They will need to travel far to the mountain, somehow get inside and then remove all the seals that bind the wizard to their icy tomb.

But will they be able to convince the wizard to help them? Did the wizard really go mad with power or was it all a ruse from the king?

Ice Tomb D&D Battle Map
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