Swamp Hags’ Huts

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In a remote village, far away from the Light, young ‘uns have been vanishing well into the night.

The people of the village lived in fear, afraid of a wild beast that liked to eat their tender offspring. Enter a party of valiant adventurers, who for the right price, agreed to track down the beast and put it to rest.

Never could they have imagined that in reality, the kidnappings were for something more wicked and done by something more monstrous.

The heroes tracked one of the children who recently went missing to a small set of huts deep into the swampy woods. To their horror they discovered that the children were used in terrible rituals to appease the evil gods of a sect of swamp hags, draining them of their life force.

Thankfully they arrived just in time to save the children and after a fierce battle were Light and Dark collided, the heroes were triumphant. Thankful for their efforts, the adventurers were rewarded handsomely by the villagers and a feast was had in their honor.

Swamp Hags' Huts Battle Map
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