Snowy Forest Lake

Snowy Forest Lake Battle Map Banner

A lot of you guys seem to have liked the last three winter maps I’ve done so I have a brand new one to keep your winter map collection growing.

The environment this time is a snowy scene with a lake as it’s main element. On the top left corner of the map you can find the ruins of what could be an old hut that has succumbed to the elements and the passing of time. Perhaps if your players dig through the snow around there they’ll be able to find an elusive note or book detailing a mysterious dungeon with magical secrets sealed within.

Or if you prefer, you and your players can use the ruins just as cover for tonight’s big encounter.

And don’t forget to use the high ground on the top right to your advantage, since if you don’t maybe your players will.

Lastly, be sure to place something hideous lurking beneath the dark waters of the lake. That, coupled with the bad weather will surely make for some tough times for the party.

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Good gaming!

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