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This week I have for you another forest map for you to use. This map is partly based on an adventure I ran for my group about a year ago, which in turn is heavily based on a Lovecraft story. And Skyrim, because why not.

That time I was skimming over one of the Pathfinder bestiaries for some cool monsters. And even though we play D&D almost exclusively, I very often go to the many PF bestiaries for more weird and unique monsters.

Anyway, I came upon the Color Out Of Space entry and it was a perfect fit since I was looking to run a one-shot horror adventure. We ended up basically recreating the Lovecraft story in a D&D setting. I had them investigate a spooky town for clues, there was a huge crater involved, crazy townsfolk infected by the space color, all the good stuff.

Like in the story, the Color was hiding inside the local well, which they eventually fought. Now on this map, the well is in the forest, so maybe your players can find some unspeakable horrors lurking within it while exploring the wilderness. Or maybe not, it looks just like regular well after all.

Near it, I drew an abandoned shack (similar to those you find when wandering around in Skyrim) that you can furnish to your liking. Perhaps your players can find a dead body with a mysterious note, incriminating one of the local lords in the grizzly murder of a beloved towns-person, or maybe they just use the shack to protect themselves from the large group of goblins who’re terribly mad at them because the rogue stole their belongings, as rogues tend to do.

I’ve also attached a variant with basic furnishings in case you find that more convenient.

Click to Download Free Version

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Good gaming!

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