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This week I have a very exciting map for you guys! I initially set out to make a simple lava pass, but after a couple of iterations I came up with a very interesting design.

The objective of this one is to cross from one side to the next, but the catch is that there isn’t an easy way to do it. At least not without the help of some wizardry.

I decided to place a floating rock in the middle, suspended by the magic of the crystals that surround it. These crystals could, if you so choose, teleport party members from one to the other. They could be activated by touching them, by sacrificing an item (sapphires, emeralds, rubies, etc) or by casting the right spell.

But that’s not all, even with the teleportation magic, they still need to work together and use the items they have at their disposal (rope for example) to successfully traverse the terrain.

Use that simple puzzle with the addition of some enemies and you got a pretty intense encounter! Especially if the enemies use the crystals to their advantage and teleport the party members around (the teleportation might have an area of effect). And do try to push your players down to the lava just like I love doing for added challenge.

Lastly, I had another idea where the party stumbles upon a powerful adversary. This enemy of theirs is sealed away deep underground by the power of the crystals. But their magic is fading, and they will have no choice but to set the evil free and destroy it before it grows too powerful.

As to who put those devices here, in this inhospitable place, I’ll leave that up to you.

As an aside, I think this map could go very well in a Nine Hells setting or similar, or if you’re sending your players deep underground.

I’ve also attached a variant with no crystals, should you find that more useful.

Click to Download Free Version

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Good gaming!

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