The Ring Of Fire

Ring Of Fire Battle Map Banner

Well, technically it’s not a ring of fire, but dungeon structure that makes the center look kind of like a ring of fire because it’s above some lava doesn’t really have the same ring to it.

Anyway, I figured I’d make some sort of crossroads above some lava, which can be used for just casual lava dungeon navigation. Or, more interestingly, used for some sort of boss battle (maybe even a duel) by making use of the center pillar.

There’s four more pillars, one near each corner of the map, where you can place monsters with ranged attacks that make the party’s life more difficult. Alternatively you can use some other contraptions like magic ballistas that shoot fireballs to make the encounter more exciting and dangerous. And wouldn’t you know it, I went ahead and drew that encounter idea!

You can find that variant (which also includes a magic platform in the middle) attached as well.

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Good gaming!

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