Forest Ritual Site

Forest Ritual Site Battle Map Banner

Well hidden in the woods there’s a forbidden place where countless sacrifices have been made. The ghosts of those who have been fodder for the angry gods now roam seeking vengeance.

Maybe a group of heroes can lift the curse of those who are trapped between life and death, or maybe they too will succumb to the malice that corrupts the poor souls of the damned.

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Snowy Village

Snowy Village Battle Map Banner

The snow and the cold have been hard on the party of adventurers. They have been hoping to rest somewhere warm for days on end with no luck. Some of them are getting really desperate, for grave wounds and broken spirits plague the once-confident heroes.

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Snowy Camp

Snowy Camp Battle Map Banner

On one of their many travels, the heroes are able to find an encampment hastily set up in the middle of a snowstorm. Their past experiences have taught them to expect trouble ahead, but maybe this time it’ll be different.

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