Ice Tomb

Ice Tomb D&D Battle Map Banner

A long time ago lived a wise, powerful wizard who made his home in a snowy mountain. Even though the wizard didn’t live in the city, they made a name for themselves and the folks would look up to the kind wizard for their wisdom.

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Fairy Cave

Fairy Cave D&D Battle Map Banner

Their journey has brought the brave heroes to a magical cave where powerful nature magic has manifested itself in the form of beautiful and strange vegetation. Wild, magical beasts run amok in this whimsical place that seems to be from another realm entirely.

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Frozen Wastes

Frozen Wastes D&D Battle Map Banner

The adventurers have ventured far to the North. Not much is to be found here except for ice and the biting cold.

Yet, they have managed to find their objective: the entrance to the cave made of ice that the wise witch told them about so many moons ago.

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Burning City Streets

Burning City Streets D&D Battle Map Banner

The war has begun without notice. Nobody knows exactly who or what is doing this to the city. A large scale attack that is making the streets turn red with fire and blood.

Startled, the heroes, who were soundly asleep, wake up. Their lungs start to fill with smoke and they rush outside to see what’s going on.

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Forest Chasm

Forest Chasm D&D Battle Map Banner

The group of adventurers is in dire need of continuing their travels as fast as possible. Time is of the essence and taking any sort of long detour is out of the question.

A deep chasm that goes for miles and is almost as deep is now their biggest threat. Sure, some kind of heroes will no doubt cross it by doing an impressive back-flip, but for the other kind things aren’t so simple.

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Bandit Den

Bandit Den D&D Battle Map Banner

There has been many reported robberies in the countryside, a group of bandits has been stealing all sorts of goods from wagons, travelers and everyone who is unfortunate enough to go through those dangerous roads outside the city.

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