Ouroweave Mine

Ouroweave Mine Battle Map Banner

After successfully evading the guards outside the mine, the party of adventurers has finally reached the inside.

A large underground complex now lays before them and they quickly go to investigate the foreman’s office, hoping to end the mining operation once and for all.

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Snowy Harbor

Snowy Harbor Battle Map Banner

The king’s advance force has been tasked with building a harbor so adventurers from all over the world can come to the snowy continent and put an end to the threat that has been laying dormant in the North for far too long.

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Forest Bandit Camp

Forest Bandit Camp Battle Map Banner

As this is kind of a companion piece to the latest battle map, I decided to release this month’s free Patreon map a little bit early.

This is a fairly simple bandit camp, but it does have a few quirks that’ll make the encounter more interesting.

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Forest Bandit Fort

Forest Bandit Fort Battle Map Banner

The party has been tasked with defeating the bandit lord who has been a major problem the last few months. This won’t be an easy task however, for the bandit gang is holed up in a fort located in the woods and the group will have to be very careful with their approach or risk falling prey to the evil-doers.

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Acidic Passage

Acidic Passage Battle Map Banner

The party of adventurers have tracked the evil wizard to a remote cave located deep in the mountains. To their horror, it seems our macabre friend has been experimenting with an acidic green sludge that now surrounds his hideout. Maybe as a defense mechanism or just the byproduct of the experiment going terribly wrong, the sludge has all but engulfed all of the environment.

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