Acid Pools Chamber

Acid Pools Chamber D&D Battle Map Banner

Inside the castle of the nefarious evil there exists a chamber filled with acid traps. Here, the lord takes pleasure in giving his enemies a painful bath that just leaves the bones. It is after this that the victims are ready for reanimation.

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Swamp Path Vol. 2

Swamp Path Vol. 2 D&D Battle Map Banner

The dark swamp beckons the adventurers onward. Full of dangers and mysteries, the party bravely ventures into the murky waters.

Strange noises can be heard all around, almost as if they’re coming from everywhere all at once. A dark chant fills the head of our heroes. Perhaps an incantation to gain the favor of a foul creature, thinks the cleric.

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Void Heart Chamber

Void Heart Chamber D&D Battle Map Banner

There exists a dark and powerful energy that threatens to consume all life in the universe.

Built in the darkest corners of the Earth, sanctuaries that either harness or contain its power lay dormant, waiting after eons of being locked away.

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Forest Creek Path

Forest Creek Path D&D Battle Map Banner

Walks through the forest are always full of possibilities and adventure. In their never-ending quest to be the best of the best, the party of adventurers comes across a set of streams.

Stopping to take a sip of the clear, blue waters, the party lowers their defenses for just a fraction of a moment. The rustling of leaves surprises them and they’re ready to spring into action.

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Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave D&D Battle Map Banner

The expedition has now come further than ever before, and in this newfound land they’ve come across a fantastical set of caves that are full of minerals with potent, magical properties.

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