Acidic Passage

Acidic Passage Battle Map Banner

The party of adventurers have tracked the evil wizard to a remote cave located deep in the mountains. To their horror, it seems our macabre friend has been experimenting with an acidic green sludge that now surrounds his hideout. Maybe as a defense mechanism or just the byproduct of the experiment going terribly wrong, the sludge has all but engulfed all of the environment.

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Hedge Maze

Hedge Maze Battle Map Banner

They say that every lord should have their own maze. A perfect way to distract would-be invaders. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but at the very least I’m pretty sure it will cause dysfunctional parties to argue and argue about which way to take next.

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Forest Path Vol. 5

Forest Path Vol. 5 Battle Map Banner

The woods are seldom a safe place, as this battle map shows. It seems some poor fellow has had their wagon attacked by bandits and it’s up to the party of adventurers to defeat the evil-doers and return the stolen goods.

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