Warehouse D&D Battle Map Banner

A shipment of smuggled goods is about to arrive to the city and the party of adventurers has been tasked to retrieve them. Among other things, city watch intel says that a cursed artifact is there.

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Desert Path

Desert Path D&D Battle Map Banner

There’s a mine located in the middle of the desert sun where a forbidden ore is mined to create powerful, albeit cursed, weapons. Looking to destroy such creations (or trying to procure some for themselves) the party of heroes sets course to the underground.

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Underground Market Square

Underground Market Square D&D Battle Map Banner

There’s a community of people from all over the Known World who have made their home in an ancient underground fortress.

The fortress lay abandoned for centuries until it was found by some lucky explorers years ago. As time went on, the explorers decided to settle there, and invited trusted people they knew to help them clear out the ruins and make this place fit to live in.

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Astral Inn

Astral Inn D&D Battle Map Banner

Some adventurers are fortunate enough to have long, fulfilling careers: monster-slaying, ass-kicking, kingdom-saving and everything in between. Eventually they go off not only to save their own world, but other planes as well.

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