Snowy Forest Clearing

Snowy Forest Clearing D&D Battle Map Banner

Lost in the snowy woods, cold and hungry, the party continues on their never-ending mission to stop all evil in the world.

Tired, they are on the border of collapse. But at the last moment they’re fortunate enough to find a strange contraption in the middle of nowhere.

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Noble House

Noble House Battle Map Banner

The group of adventurers have finally managed to secure a nice dinner with the elusive noble, whose vast wealth can help them finance their expedition to the lands beyond the Known World.

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Forest Path Vol. 6

Forest Path Vol. 6 Battle Map Banner

I’ve been drawing a free map for all my patrons every month for a while now, and this is the one I did last June.

As we all know, a lot of dangers are hiding in the forests of the continent. And especially suspicious are fallen tree trunks that block the road.

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Desert Tomb Entrance

Desert Tomb Entrance Battle Map Banner

Once they finally recovered the long-lost map detailing the location of the ancient Warrior-King’s tomb, the group of adventurers went on a long and arduous journey through the unforgiving deserts of the Known World.

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Ice Bridge

Ice Bridge Battle Map Banner

The heroes are making their way towards the icy fortress, ready to defeat the mad overlord oppressing the land.

But before they can reach their destination they will have to cross the  long bridge that lays before the mighty castle.

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