Desert Mine Entrance

Desert Mine Entrance D&D Battle Map Banner

An old abandoned mine has been uncovered following the terrible sandstorm from yesterday.

The local townsfolk have taken up task of setting up a perimeter. For these buried places often hide things of unspeakable horror and strange creatures have been seen coming out of the mine’s depths.

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Flaming Skull Chamber

Flaming Skull Chamber D&D Battle Map Banner

As the adventurers make their way through the dungeon, they come across a dangerous chamber. Filled with fiery hatred, the ancient spirit locked in this room demands retribution of whoever dares disturb their eternal torment.

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Resurrection Chamber

Resurrection Chamber D&D Battle Map Banner

The stench of decay fills the room. Eight wooden tables arranged in a circle hold an inert body each, bloody blankets covering the horrific sight of death and putridness.

In the middle of the room, a strange object spins and swivels in its axis, filled with what seems to be pure, concentrated arcane magic.

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Forest Labyrinth Ruins

Forest Labyrinth Ruins D&D Battle Map Banner

Long ago, in an era long lost, several labyrinths stood across the land. They celebrated an old and powerful God, who in ages past commanded the devotion of entire nations. Now, the God is all but forgotten, and his places of worship have fallen prey to the decay of time. His church a fringe religion at the best of times, a despised cult at worst.

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Cave Tunnels Vol. 6

Cave Tunnels Vol. 6 D&D Battle Map Banner

Traveling in the deep insides of the Known World the group of adventurers come across yet another obstacle in their path. A big fissure, deep enough to never let them see the light of day ever again should they fall.

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