Icy Towers

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The adventurers have finally tracked the source of the icy spirits. It has lead them to a remote location in a place where not many set foot anymore.

These towers channel the arcane elemental magic of ice, offering and easy conduit between the chaos and the material plane. It is said that with enough power and knowledge one could travel to the Plains of Ice, a plane that ancient elemental spirits call their home.

But getting there won’t be easy: the massive energy concentration is sure to attract unwanted company. And whoever desires to travel will have to deal with it.

Can our heroes concentrate on the difficult spell and defend themselves?

I’ve been drawing a free map for all my patrons every month for a while now, and this is the one I did last December.

Icy Towers D&D Battle Map
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In addition to this free version if you pledge to my Patreon you can get more awesome content such as:

  • Access to all previously released maps
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Good gaming!

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