Forest Gates Vol. 2

Forest Gates Vol. 2 D&D Battle Map

In a kingdom there are many checkpoints across the main roads. They serve as a way to keep bandits and other undesirable creatures away from the good people of the realm. Merchants also find them quite useful, for they help to bring their goods faster and more efficiently.

This is one of such checkpoints. Guarded by many soldiers, it protects one important trade route and the entrance to an old mine. The mine used to be quite an important source of iron in the days of yore, but alas it has long been exhausted.

Yet the checkpoint’s gates still stand, offering a good advantage to those who defend them.

It’s a shame though, that the adventurers are not welcome in this realm. And they will have to come up with a plan to go through unnoticed, or risk having another bloody battle in their hands.

Forest Gates Vol. 2 D&D Battle Map
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