Hermit Wizard Cabin

Hermit Wizard Cabin D&D Battle Map Banner

Protected by a powerful barrier spell, the hermit wizard now lives happily in the enchanted forest. Surrounded by the magical flora and fauna, the retired spell-caster now tends to their plants and reads all kinds of interesting books on all kinds of subjects.

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Volcanic Path

Volcanic Path D&D Battle Map Banner

The adventurers have gone far into the volcanic lands of the Old Kingdom. A long time ago a prosperous civilization built a magnificent empire that lasted for centuries. But time is not kind, and eventually nature itself claimed its territory back.

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Eldritch Dungeon

Eldritch Dungeon D&D Battle Map Banner

There’s an abandoned passageway hidden in the mountains. Forgotten by the eons, not many have ventured this far.

The path leads to millennia-old tunnels that twist and turn. And at the end of these tunnels a corrupt sanctuary is found.

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