Desert Tomb Entrance

Desert Tomb Entrance Battle Map Banner

Once they finally recovered the long-lost map detailing the location of the ancient Warrior-King’s tomb, the group of adventurers went on a long and arduous journey through the unforgiving deserts of the Known World.

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Ice Bridge

Ice Bridge Battle Map Banner

The heroes are making their way towards the icy fortress, ready to defeat the mad overlord oppressing the land.

But before they can reach their destination they will have to cross the  long bridge that lays before the mighty castle.

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Fire Trial Chamber

Fire Trial Chamber Battle Map Banner

This is it, the players have finally reached the chamber where they’ll test their mettle against the Firelord.

A precarious environment awaits them in the inevitable battle though: The four square platforms have a constant stream of magical fire on each of their corners and in the middle of them a deadly column filled with spikes.

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Zombie Workshop

Zombie Workshop Battle Map Banner

Is it me or does the season of horror and dread has come rather earlier this year? And even if you’re not feeling it yet, that doesn’t mean that in other planes of existence the machinations of dark forces are at rest.

Take for instance this horrible place of evil and decay where a handful of necromancers are conducting wicked experiments and rituals to create the perfect zombie: extremely powerful, obedient and with a liking for adventurer flesh.

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Forest Wilderness Vol. 4

Forest Wilderness Vol. 4 Battle Map Banner

On their way to their very, very important quest, the group of adventurers decide to go the way of the road less traveled. Now lost in the woods because no one has the minimum sense of direction, the party is threatened by all sorts of wild beasts.

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Swamp Hags’ Huts

Swamp Hags' Huts Battle Map Banner

In a remote village, far away from the Light, young ‘uns have been vanishing well into the night.

The people of the village lived in fear, afraid of a wild beast that liked to eat their tender offspring. Enter a party of valiant adventurers, who for the right price, agreed to track down the beast and put it to rest.

Never could they have imagined that in reality, the kidnappings were for something more wicked and done by something more monstrous.

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