Forest Wilderness Vol. 5

Forest Wilderness Vol. 5 D&D Battle Map Banner

Surrounded by the wilderness, the party of adventurers marches on to reach the next beacon of civilization.

Now tired by walking for hours on end, they look for a place to camp. Some remnants of other intelligent beings are found by them. But a careful examination doesn’t reveal anything useful.

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Ruins By The Lava River

Ruins By The Lava River D&D Battle Map Banner

The evil rulers of the Old Order have finally been defeated. The battle was long and difficult and not all our heroes made it out alive. Despite it all, smiles were drawn on the survivor’s faces and with a final hurrah they prepared to go into the sunset.

But their celebration must be cut short. A tremor is felt.

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Dark Temple Interior

Dark Temple Interior D&D Battle Map Banner

Foul experiments from mad scientists are wandering behind every corner of the dark temple. Born from an unholy ichor made from the most blasphemous materials, these creatures are created to serve their dark masters.

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Sacred Tree

Sacred Tree D&D Battle Map Banner

A powerful curse has befallen one of our heroes. A fatal blow has sent the kind druid to the grave, and dark magic is preventing the resurrection.

The rest of the group consulted with wise wizards and mad mages, and they have finally found the answer they’ve been seeking: an artifact able to bring back their companion from the dead no matter what.

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Jungle Path

Jungle Path D&D Battle Map Banner

A dark jungle. A group of adventurers sent to put an end to the evil forces of the Old Warlord. Beneath the pouring rain and using the thicket as cover, the heroes wait patiently to strike the bloodthirsty warriors.

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Snowy Forest Path Vol. 5

Snowy Forest Path Vol. 5 D&D Battle Map Banner

The snowy pine trees scattered around the landscape give a sensation of calmness. The party with their sights set clearly on their next objective travel the snowy wilderness.

The winter hasn’t been kind to them this year, yet they must move forward to complete their quest.

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Shipwreck D&D Battle Map Banner

Three weeks ago, the adventurers set sail to embark on a quest full of adventure, rum and lots of loot. Everything was going well, and despite the age of their vessel, they quickly sailed the seas in search for gold.

Until one fateful night, when a storm of epic proportions hit their ship hard. Despite the skillful maneuvers of the captain, the vessel was torn apart.

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Ice Maze

Ice Maze D&D Battle Map Banner

Protected by a maze made of ice, a single white dragon egg rests atop a frozen nest. Nobody knows for certain who, or what did this peculiar arrangement. And the reasons as to why it’s here are nothing but educated guesses at best.

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Ornamental Bridge

Ornamental Bridge D&D Battle Map Banner

The party has almost reached the palace, where an old friend of theirs is being held captive. But before they can reach the front door, they’ll have to cross the bridge that sits high above the freezing waters.

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