Forest Ruins Vol. 2

Forest Ruins Vol. 2 D&D Battle Map Banner

Along the kingdom’s roads one can find many ancient ruins that are constant reminders of civilizations long past. No matter what fate befell them, one can be sure that some of their spirit still remains in these old stones.

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Icy Mountain Pass

Icy Mountain Pass D&D Battle Map Banner

Scattered around the icy mountains are old settlements that have been abandoned for years. The adventurers are lucky enough to have found one of such settlements.

They decide to use one of the abandoned buildings to set up camp, try to get away from the biting cold from a little bit. Everything seems quiet, a meal is prepared and everyone seems to enjoy this moment of rest.

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Ice Tomb

Ice Tomb D&D Battle Map Banner

A long time ago lived a wise, powerful wizard who made his home in a snowy mountain. Even though the wizard didn’t live in the city, they made a name for themselves and the folks would look up to the kind wizard for their wisdom.

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Fairy Cave

Fairy Cave D&D Battle Map Banner

Their journey has brought the brave heroes to a magical cave where powerful nature magic has manifested itself in the form of beautiful and strange vegetation. Wild, magical beasts run amok in this whimsical place that seems to be from another realm entirely.

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Frozen Wastes

Frozen Wastes D&D Battle Map Banner

The adventurers have ventured far to the North. Not much is to be found here except for ice and the biting cold.

Yet, they have managed to find their objective: the entrance to the cave made of ice that the wise witch told them about so many moons ago.

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