Forest Chasm

Forest Chasm D&D Battle Map Banner

The group of adventurers is in dire need of continuing their travels as fast as possible. Time is of the essence and taking any sort of long detour is out of the question.

A deep chasm that goes for miles and is almost as deep is now their biggest threat. Sure, some kind of heroes will no doubt cross it by doing an impressive back-flip, but for the other kind things aren’t so simple.

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Bandit Den

Bandit Den D&D Battle Map Banner

There has been many reported robberies in the countryside, a group of bandits has been stealing all sorts of goods from wagons, travelers and everyone who is unfortunate enough to go through those dangerous roads outside the city.

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Cave Portal

Cave Portal D&D Battle Map Banner

The adventurers have found an old portal in a ruined temple deep in the woods. The wizard, using ancient knowledge acquired studying forgotten tomes, has activated the runes that will bring the portal to life once more.

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Fairy Forest

Fairy Forest D&D Battle Map Banner

Adventurers are bound to enter the fairy realms at one moment or another in their careers. Sometimes they might be invited, and sometimes they might enter without any authorization.

This sometimes gets them into trouble with the locals, for not all of them are happy to see them there.

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Pirate Port

Pirate Port D&D Battle Map Banner

There’s tales of a legendary port located at high seas, a place of respite and trade for the sailor who is in a desperate need.

No one know its precise location, for it seems to have a will of its own. If your crew is at the brink of death, if you’re carrying a ship full of cursed gold, if the latest storm has left you shipwrecked, then you just might stumble upon its rotten, wooden beams.

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