Fire Sacrificial Chamber

Fire Sacrificial Chamber D&D Battle Map Banner

The party has successfully infiltrated the main headquarters of the Fire God cult. And after many battles they have finally reached the inner-most sanctum: a place where the evil worshippers make daily sacrifices to their destructive god.

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Oasis D&D Battle Map Banner

Tired and thirsty, the party is on the verge of collapse. The hot desert sun has taken its toll on the adventurers and they’re pretty much ready to give in to the scorching heat.

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Cave Tunnels Vol. 5

Cave Tunnels Vol. 5 Battle Map Banner

The old mine tracks have led the adventurers deeper into the cave. And as they make their way towards the giant monster’s lair, they are ambushed by a group of underground vermin that are eager to take their prey.

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City Sewers

City Sewers D&D Battle Map Banner

Perhaps trying to escape from the city guards or looking for a missing item or maybe trying to slay a sludge monster. The reason doesn’t really matter. The thing is the party has gotten themselves into a sticky situation by coming down to the city sewers.

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Ooze Fountain Chamber

Ooze Fountain Chamber D&D Battle Map Banner

Now inside the undead fortress, the party of adventurers have finally managed to reach the source of the necrotic energy. A vast chamber filled with ectoplasmic ooze awaits them alongside the ancient lich that rules over the reanimated dead.

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