Baphomet Cultists’ Lair

Baphomet Cultists' Lair D&D Battle Map Banner

The infiltration has been a success so far. The crafty heroes have managed to get inside the cult without them noticing their intentions.

After an initiation that almost went horribly wrong, several gruesome missions and a lot of false prayers to Baphomet, they have finally gained the right to visit their dark church.

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Desert’s Edge

Desert's Edge D&D Battle Map Banner

There’s been talk of strange happenings in a land not so far from here. It is said that the lush forests that once made the landscape vibrant have vanished. In it’s place a deserted environment is seen from miles.

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Snowy Bridge Crossing

Snowy Bridge Crossing D&D Battle Map Banner

The cold weather has been hitting our heroes hard, step by step they go forth to save the day. A river of freezing waters now stands before them. And crossing it is a rather simple task. Despite everything the bridge seems to be in a rather well-preserved condition.

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Camp Eldritch Waters

Camp Eldritch Waters D&D Battle Map Banner

The adventurers have decided to take a well-deserved rest in a cabin along a beautiful lake.

Days of fun are had by all: games, drinks, and everything in between. But some of their fellow vacationers start to mysteriously disappear.

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Island Ruins

Island Ruins D&D Battle Map Banner

It is said that there is a mysterious entrance to the Underworld in a remote island, still uncharted by anyone. After the last purge, most of the gates to the old underground civilization were sealed, destroyed so no one dared to enter that dark realm.

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Forest Gates Vol. 2

Forest Gates Vol. 2 D&D Battle Map

In a kingdom there are many checkpoints across the main roads. They serve as a way to keep bandits and other undesirable creatures away from the good people of the realm. Merchants also find them quite useful, for they help to bring their goods faster and more efficiently.

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