City Sewers

City Sewers D&D Battle Map Banner

Perhaps trying to escape from the city guards or looking for a missing item or maybe trying to slay a sludge monster. The reason doesn’t really matter. The thing is the party has gotten themselves into a sticky situation by coming down to the city sewers.

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Ooze Fountain Chamber

Ooze Fountain Chamber D&D Battle Map Banner

Now inside the undead fortress, the party of adventurers have finally managed to reach the source of the necrotic energy. A vast chamber filled with ectoplasmic ooze awaits them alongside the ancient lich that rules over the reanimated dead.

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Vampire Sanctum

Vampire Sanctum D&D Battle Map Banner

At last, battle after battle in the damp dungeon, the heroes have reached the Vampire Lord’s inner sanctum. A place where blood keeps flowing from the countless victims that their fiendish minions have captured.

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Canal City

Canal City D&D Battle Map Banner

The party of adventurers has now reached a city filled with canals. A beautiful sight to behold, indeed.

But not so practical once the chase starts and our heroes are forced to jump around boats and swim once they fall.

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