Ancient Altar

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The map this week is an ancient altar hidden deep in the forest.  I have a few ideas on how this map could be used:

The first one is that the party finds the place when they get lost in the forest. The ruins are guarded by some monsters of your choosing and should the party be victorious, they will be rewarded with a magical item located on the center of the altar. For an additional challenge you can have the item further protected by guards, traps or maybe even a riddle.

Ancient Altar D&D Battle Map
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The second one is to use the centerpiece of the map as an entrance to a dungeon. The party might have to do something specific to activate the altar (such as casting a particular spell or say the correct words) and once activated, the centerpiece acts as an elevator that takes them to the dungeon.

The third one is to have the altar as some sort of teleportation device. It can be used to take the party somewhere they need to go, or more interestingly, make this place the destination of an uncertain teleportation, that way the party won’t know where they are and they could explore new lands that they might otherwise never have visited.

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Good gaming!

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