High Ground: Forest

High Ground: Forest Battle Map Banner

Today I have for you a map that’s all about height control. I thought that the party could either be on top of the cliff from the beginning and try to stay there as much as possible to have the upper hand in combat.

Or try to overcome the odds and defeat the enemies that already have the battlefield controlled. I recommend using enemies that have abilities that can move the party around against their will to make the most out of the map design.

I have the idea of this being the first in a series of maps with High Ground motif. I want to make more maps down the line that have the same objective but instead of grass on the bottom part it could be a bottomless pit, water, acid, or hey, maybe some lava.

This time though, I opted for something that can be included in a campaign more easily.

High Ground: Forest D&D Battle Map
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Oh, and remember, it’s over once you have the high ground.

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Good gaming!

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