Spider Nest Cave

Spider Nest Cave D&D Battle Map Thumb

The heroes have ventured deep, the damp cavern walls full of strange fungi and other kinds of small life. They have come here with one purpose: the get the venom gland of a giant spider.

A powerful antidote they must brew, but only one of these rare specimens will do. They carefully navigate the cave’s treacherous tunnels, trying not to get caught in the spiders’ web.

But when they reach the end, they can’t help but stare in awe at the size of the eight-legged beast. Maybe this battle is beyond them, maybe they need a little bit more preparation. But it’s too late. One of the party members is now sticking helplessly to the web.

Will they be able to get the venom gland? Or will they end up as spider food like many adventurers before them?

Spider Nest Cave D&D Battle Map
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