Lich’s Lair

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Halloween is nigh, and what better way to scare your players than by making them battle one of the most powerful, deviously devilish arch-liches in the whole multiverse?

A giant pillar engulfs the air with impenetrable darkness and a sacrificial altar greet those adventurers of misfortune that have just stepped into this foul place.

Hidden magic glyphs will test the heroes’ will, traps scattered all around will test their physical prowess and even zombies will try to end them. But that’s nothing compared to the vile actions that one particular user of the dark arts can do to them.

Can our heroes survive this almost suicidal mission? Can they be the ones to stop this evil once and for all? Or will they succumb to the darkness, and be their servants forever?

This is a collaboration with DND_Reborn, who first designed the map’s layout and gameplay elements for a game over at ENWorld. This lair full of traps, surprises and dangers and you can find all the juicy details here.

I did a remake of the visual presentation while also adding a few new elements that you can choose to play with (or not, it’s up to you). Can you spot all the little differences?

Lich's Lair D&D Battle Map
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