Forest Islets

Forest Islets Battle Map Banner

I wanted the players to fight their enemies on different locations without clumping together too much so I came up with a map where you can scatter some monsters around the different islets and have the group decide how they want to tackle the situation.

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Snowy Coast

Snowy Coast Battle Map Banner

Rime of the Frostmaiden has just released and like last week I want to share with you a new snowy map that you and your group can use if you decide to run the adventure module.

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Mountain Forest

Mountain Forest Battle Map Banner

This time I’ve opted to draw the classic forest battle map, but in a more mountainous landscape. This one will come handy whenever you’re sending your players off to the more rocky lands of the continent.

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Small Dungeon

Small Random Dungeon Battle Map Banner

For a few months I’ve been drawing a free map for all my patrons, here’s the one I did last July. This time it’s something I haven’t done in ages. This small dungeon can work wonders when you need your players to go on a quick dungeon crawl.

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Snowy Forest Thermal Waters

Snowy Forest Thermal Waters Battle Map Banner

The group has been traveling through the icy North, the land covered in a seemingly perpetual white blanket. Cold and exhausted they think their eyes deceive them, for in the distance they see a considerable amount of smoke. A huge bonfire, perhaps?

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