Volcanic Path Vol. 3

Volcanic Path Vol. 3 D&D Battle Map Banner

The Earth has been sundered, the age of dragons has come once again and the land is filled with fire and brimstone.

The few brave heroes that remain are scattered. The few adventuring parties that remain are mostly doing guerilla warfare against the red dragons and their minions.

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Dragon’s Treasury

Dragon's Treasury D&D Battle Map Banner

Legends are told about a place so full of gold that anyone who claims it for themselves will surely be the richest being in the kingdom.

It is said that everywhere you look there’s going to be something shiny and valuable ready for the taking. Some go so far as to say the very walls are made of solid gold.

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City Streets Vol. 2

City Streets D&D Battle Map Banner

Cities are perfect places to gather clues, buy much-needed potions and get all the latest gossip.

The alleyways are perfect places to have your bags emptied by shady individuals and the canals are a sure-fire way to get a brain-eating parasite lodged into your brain.

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Forest Colossus

Forest Colossus D&D Battle Map Banner

Long ago a hard-fought battle took place here. A group of heroes from all over the the world teamed up to take down a massive colossus animated with ancient magic.

The heroes were victorious and the colossus fell. Over the centuries the landscape changed, but the remains of the giant construct still serve as a reminder of how those heroes of old saved the kingdom.

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Snowy Forest Vol. 3

Snowy Forest Vol.3 D&D Battle Map Banner

As the hunger starts to set in, the cold adventurers now desperate for any kind of food start trying desperate measures.

Some of them are sure that here, in this small, freezing lake thrives a community of tasty, tasty fish. It’s nonsense of course, this far into the cold wilderness there’s hardly any fish, tasty or otherwise.

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