Forest Creek Path

Forest Creek Path D&D Battle Map Banner

Walks through the forest are always full of possibilities and adventure. In their never-ending quest to be the best of the best, the party of adventurers comes across a set of streams.

Stopping to take a sip of the clear, blue waters, the party lowers their defenses for just a fraction of a moment. The rustling of leaves surprises them and they’re ready to spring into action.

But nothing comes out. They wait and then they wait some more, readying their weapons and looking around the wilderness for another sign of an ambush. They feel the cool wind on their cheeks, and a deadly silence makes itself present. Still nothing.

Paranoia starts to settle in the minds of our heroes, and they desperately try to find something, anything that might prove them right in their fears.

Is someone or something really stalking our heroes? Or is an evil curse starting to take hold of their minds? A curse that might’ve been cast a long time ago. Are they starting to see things that aren’t really there?

Forest Creek Path D&D Battle Map
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