Cave Tunnels Vol. 5

Cave Tunnels Vol. 5 Battle Map Banner

The old mine tracks have led the adventurers deeper into the cave. And as they make their way towards the giant monster’s lair, they are ambushed by a group of underground vermin that are eager to take their prey.

Now it’s a fight for supremacy, using their best judgement for tactics the heroes try to emerge victorious once more. But the creatures from the depths are clever as well and they will stop at nothing to see our heroes become the evening’s meal.

I’ve been drawing a free map for all my patrons every month for a while now, and this is the one I did last November.

Cave Tunnels Vol. 5 D&D Battle Map
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In addition to this free version if you pledge to my Patreon you can get more awesome content such as:

  • Access to all previously released maps
  • High resolution maps
  • Roll20 sized maps
  • Grid versions
  • Gridless versions
  • Several prop variants
  • Alternate color palettes

Good gaming!

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